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Ron & Nancy Minton at outreach event in Ukraine
Ron & Nancy Minton at outreach event in Ukraine


THE UKRAINE REPORT: November - December - 2017

Dear Friends,

Earlier we mentioned that Nancy’s niece and family are missionaries in Uganda. We were with them in a missions conference recently. The parents and kids were all dressed in native colorful clothes. Nancy and her niece played a piano duet of four songs, with two of them written by Nancy’s uncle. The songs were "I’m So Happy" and "Things are Different now."

Recently one of our good friends came to Ukraine for two months and taught the book of Hebrews in four locations in our Bible college. The classes were really effective. Also, our first on-line class (Eschatology) is going on now. It will be interesting to hear what the students think about that teaching method. Other regular are being held and the number of students continues to increase. We are pleased with the growth, but we know it’s not because of our abilities, but because the Lord is in it.

This semester we are having our first “Baptist History of the Ukraine/Russia Area,” our first class in Armenia, and a new class in the war zone. We want to remain solid and continue our slow steady growth. The main reason for this furlough is to increase our monthly support so the college can continue growing. Please pray for ten new supporting churches. This is a great kingdom investment opportunity for churches.

In September 2016 we taught a class in Poland and were helped by two angels. We have told a dozen or so pastors and churches, but wanted to wait until after a year to tell everyone. The story is below.

A big thanks to for helping us win Ukrainians for Christ.

Pray for Ukraine in these trying days.

Ron and Nancy Minton

Angels in Poland

International Baptist Bible College (IBBC), our college in Ukraine, had started classes in Poland and in September, 2016, Nancy and I went there to teach a class on the Bible and the Trinity and attributes of God. It was in Gdansk, Poland, the official site of the start of WW2. We flew in on Saturday night and Pastor Maxim picked us up and took us to an apartment somewhere in Gdansk - a large city. The next day he came and we walked to the bus station and he showed us how to use the bus system in Gdansk. We all took the bus (# 184) to a church about half an hour away. After I preached to a Polish congregation and a Ukrainian one, they took us to the bus stop about 150 yards from the church and we traveled back to our apartment.

Monday night was the first night of classes and we took the bus with no problem. After class they made sure we got on bus 184 and we went home. However, after the class on Tuesday night we went alone and took the wrong bus 184. The bus did not go past any landmarks that I recognized and it stopped downtown somewhere. Everyone got off but us and the driver was mad because I refused to get off - I did not know where we were. He went and got another driver who could speak some English, and he told us that those buses did not go anywhere until the next day and the driver needed to go home - so we got off. It was now late, we were in a big city, we did not speak the language, and my phone did not work in their country because one international roaming call drained all the minutes.

I realized this could be a very serious situation because we were totally lost in a very large city, and it was about 11 PM. I could picture someone coming up and robbing us, etc. We could find no taxi or police to help and we just stood there wondering what to do. It did not look like the safest place we had ever been in. There was an empty old parking lot behind us; I kept looking around every direction to see if anyone looked suspicious.

Suddenly a man and woman, about age 35, were behind us. The man said, “I know where you live and will tell you how to get home.” He spoke in perfect English, which no one else did; she said nothing. We were alarmed and wondered how he spoke English so well and how he knew us and where we lived. We thought maybe they were criminals who would rob us, but nothing made sense. He said to walk 50 meters, go underground, and cross the road to some electric trains across the way, which we could see. He told us to get on a certain train and go about 15 minutes and get off after it turned right and stopped. Then we should get on a bus that would come. He even said bus number 184, and he said it would take us for about 20 minutes to our stop - which was about 400 yards from our apartment.

It was complicated and we were very cautious and wondered about it all, but we did as he said. When we got to the other side we looked back and they were not there. There were several trains and we must have gotten on the wrong train. It did not go like the guy said it would, and when it finally did stop, we got off and, if possible, were more lost than ever - in an unfamiliar part of the city, and it was nearing midnight. We had traveled miles, but knew nothing about our location. We walked toward some distant lighted part of the city for half an hour and finally found a taxi and were relieved that the driver spoke English. I asked if he could take us home and when he said yes I thought my prayers were answered - until he asked where we lived. We did not know where we lived so he could not help us! I told him there was a McDonalds one kilometer from our apartment and he said there were about eight of them scattered around the region and he could not travel for two hours looking for the right one, and he left. We wandered on for a long time and found another taxi, a minivan, but a bunch of college-age people ran up and took that taxi - it was going to the airport so we did not get in. We were getting stressed and discouraged.

After walking more, we stood near a road all alone and wondered how this could happen to us. We kept looking around at some people who were still going about. Then suddenly a voice came from behind us and said “you should have listened to me the first time.” We recognized the voice and turned and there was the same man who tried to help us many miles and many turns back. We were so shocked, we did not know what to do or say. We just stood there and felt as if our hair stood on end. He had to be an angel, but the lady was not with him. He said a large bus would come in two minutes. I looked and there was no bus stop anywhere. He said we should get on that bus and go for 15 minutes and we would recognize our stop just past a small round-a-bout. We just gazed at him. He apparently perceived that we were not listening well and he said he would also get on the bus. He told us it would take us home. Soon a long bus stopped and we all got on and it took off. We all stood and just looked at each other - saying nothing - wondering about all this.

I whispered to Nancy to ask him if he was an angel, but she told me to ask him. Finally I told her I would start a conversation first, then I would just ask him. I thought about that verse where Jesus said angels do not get married so I assumed the lady was not his wife. I asked him where his lady companion was and he said she was sent to a different part of the city to help someone else. Now we were certain they were angels. I got up the nerve to ask him, but suddenly the bus stopped; he got off and repeated the instructions. We were again perplexed at it all as we spoke about the whole situation - and we still did not know where we were. But in about 15 minutes, the bus did exactly as he said and came to the stop near our house. We walked 400 yards home and we were safe. We then typed the whole thing and emailed to a supporting church. The next night we told the class and they all said, “they were angels.” Were they?

After speaking with our pastor we were sure God had sent angels and that he wanted us to keep at the work he had called us to.