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Ron & Nancy Minton at outreach event in Ukraine
Ron & Nancy Minton at outreach event in Ukraine



Dear friends,

May the year 2019 bring many ministry opportunities to you. Below is a recap of 2018, but first a little news.

  • We reserved December 2018 for medical and other things in the USA. We were busy constantly. Nancy and I visited several doctors, families, friends, and even the world's largest Windmill Museum in Lubbock, Texas. We visited three churches while here. One in Kansas, one in Oklahoma, and one in Texas.
  • On a personal note, grandchild number nine was born into a family of five sisters. His name is Enoch Munson (Nancy's dad's name) Minton. We were disappointed that we could not visit them or other relatives while here, but our schedule was full and the distance was too far for a short stay. One son and family and one sister and husband live close so we visited a little with them.
  • On another topic, Ron will be having a prostate biopsy December 26 and we would appreciate prayer for us. The doctor has approved our return to Ukraine December 29. In January or February, we will know the results and will let everyone know. We do intend to keep full speed ahead in Ukraine.

Here is a short summary of 2018.

  • Our Bible college, International Baptist Bible College (IBBC), just finished its 13th year and we have never had a decrease in the number of courses taught. We had hoped for 300 people to have taken at least one class in the first dozen years, but we have now had almost 2,000 people take classes. We have exact records for everything we do. In 2018 we had 26 different classes (more than some American Bible colleges) and we now have regular classes in Ukraine and also in Guatemala, Poland, and Armenia. We have a request to start classes in Georgia, which is bordered by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, and the Black Sea. We have a YouTube channel that we put many classes on - in Ukrainian and Russian languages.
  • Also in 2018 we inaugurated a project where we recorded 15 key courses in digital audio and put them on MP3 players. We give them free to village pastors who have no chance to attend classes and who do not have internet. They cannot watch as they work, but many can listen.
  • Our ministry is mostly at the Bible college level and our students have started more than 20 churches in the past ten years. However, in 2017 we got a real burden to reach children in our area with the gospel, so in 2018 we had our first Summer Evangelistic English Club. Parents want their children to learn English, and from an American is a dream. We had two Bible college girls from supporting churches come for two and a half months. They lived in our house in a private room with a Ukrainian girl their age who was their translator. They taught the English classes every week. We hoped for a dozen, but had four times that and we averaged in the 20s for the summer. All heard the gospel and learned about salvation and we are following up and are planning an even bigger group for 2019. God blessed more than we could hope.

For 2019, we will continue to grow the Bible college at a slow but steady rate (we do not want and cannot afford big jumps). Already it looks certain that 2019 will be another record year. We will start classes in Georgia if God permits. Also, we plan to increase the English Club. Now we know more about how this works and we want to win more to saving faith in Christ Jesus. If anyone is interested in possibly helping, email me soon.

Thank you so much for praying and helping us win Ukrainians for Christ. We count you among our dear friends. Pray for Peace in Ukraine.

Ron and Nancy Minton