Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of your work?

Our purpose is to glorify God. We seek to help our sending and supporting churches fulfill the great commission by establishing biblical churches in Ukraine and other former Soviet bloc nations. We are church planting missionaries to Ukraine.

What is your strategy?

  • Starting churches and evangelizing the unsaved in those communities
  • Training current and future pastors, preachers, and members to be biblical, evangelistic, and effective
  • Building a solid Bible college and ministry training center
  • Sending trained church planters throughout Ukraine and to former Soviet nations

Why is Ukraine important?

The country of Ukraine has several factors that make it important for the spreading of the gospel:

  • Freedom - Ukraine now has religious freedom. We have helped start a number of churches here.
  • Travel - Ukrainians can easily move between former Soviet bloc nations to plant and build churches.
  • Urgency - Many from the former Soviet Union are being saved and some are being called to pastor new churches.
  • Size - Ukraine is the second largest European country.
  • Sending Nation - Ukraine has the ecomonic and spiritual potential to become a major missions sending nation.
  • God has called us to Ukraine.

How can you be contacted?

    Ron and Nancy Minton
    PO Box 191
    Springfield, MO 65801-0191
    Cell from USA: +38.097.316.68.53
    USA # to our computer: 240-949-2653


Where should support funds be sent?

All support should be sent to:

    Ron Minton
    BBFI Missions Office
    PO Box 191
    Springfield, MO 65801-0191
Please indicate it is for "Mintons - Ukraine."
100% goes into our account and will be used for our Ukraine ministry.