Dear Friends,

I apologize for the delay in getting this out. Our scheduled return flight for April was canceled and I have been told we will not likely be able to return to Ukraine before the end of December. So we have been visiting churches, supporting and new, every single week this year and have only one Sunday open through July. This has been a great blessing and the Ukraine presentation has been very well received. In every church we challenge believers to be solid biblical disciples for Jesus. This is not a time for just pew warming. Salvation is free, but discipleship is costly.

By the wonderful grace of Jesus we were able to get Tanya, our full-time Ukraine worker and Nancy's admin helper, friend, and translator, out of Ukraine to Europe and then to the States. We used the Homeland Security “United for Ukraine” initiative. She is safe with us and has her own safe room and is happy to be in the United States. Because she is here, we are finally getting caught up on lots of stuff. She travels with us to every church and is an asset. She did well in her first USA church visit. There are interesting cultural things - like when she asked me what the hole behind the pastor was. Was it for the choir? She was surprised when I said it was for baptizing. I had her sing and she sang "As a Deer" - in Ukrainian. Some rejoiced and some were close to tears. She is a blessing to all. If you want more information, email me.

Several churches and some individuals have sent us money to help believers who have been hurt by the war in Ukraine. We send money both from here and from our people in Ukraine. Everything is verified. The need will grow as some refugees go back to Ukraine and find their homes badly damaged and much of their worldly goods ruined or gone.

We still get requests on how to give to this fund. Those wanting to give to this cause can mail a check made out to me, Ron Minton and designate it as a special gift labeled War relief. ALL OF IT will be used for that purpose and we track every dollar. If you want to do this, send a check to:

Ron Minton
BBFI Missions
PO Box 191
Springfield, Missouri 65801
To donate online, go to
Remember to put War Relief so we can make sure it goes for that purpose.


  1. Pray for Ukraine as Russia has killed many civilians and soldiers.
  2. Pray about the war as June will be a major factor in how everything turns out.
  3. Pray for Nancy's health as she is seeing doctors about her breathing and air needs.
  4. Pray for Tanya as she adjusts to life here. She has deep concerns about her country and family.
  5. Pray for our safety - we travel many miles to churches every week.
  6. Pray for our van in Ukraine to keep working. It is heavily used to take aid to Ukrainians in need because of the war. It has also transported more than 1,000 people seeking to get to safety.

We do not have many open weeks in 2022 except August 21 through September, but if you want us to come to your church and the distance is not prohibitive, email me. We are currently working out of the panhandle of Texas.

Ron and Nancy Minton

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