Greetings from Ron and Nancy Minton - Missionaries to Ukraine.

Time has been continually racing by. Nancy and I have visited churches every Sunday since January 2, and Tanya, our full-time Ukrainian helper for the past two years, has been with us every Sunday since May 22nd. We have been blessed by the amazing reception of the Ukraine presentation, which normally includes a harmonica tune by Nancy and a testimony and a Ukrainian song by Tanya. We have been in many great churches, large and small. We were also able to visit some amazing places during our travels - Tennessee mountains, Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. There is no end to seeing God's hand in His creation. We even had Bible studies three times on Imperial Beach in San Diego. Of course we are burdened by the regular Bombing and destruction in Ukraine.

I am personally proud of our Ukrainian students and Christian friends who have been active in evangelism, even in difficult circumstances. Families are coming to church because of aid the students have given to them by using our van to deliver food and supplies during the war. Our house, garage, and van were hit by the enemy. At every church I use the students as examples and we challenge everyone to a life of full discipleship and strengthening their local church outreach.

Giving: We constantly are asked about giving to our ministry. I recommend you give to us through your church. If you want to give, funds can be sent for either the “War Relief” fund (it is for believers inside Ukraine) or for our ongoing “Ukraine ministry.” Here is the link to donate directly to us - Ron and Nancy Minton, missionaries to Ukraine.
Support with checks, etc. can be made to “Ron Minton” and sent to the address below. (100% is put into our operating fund).

Ron Minton
BBFI Missions
PO Box 191
Springfield, Missouri 65801


  1. God has supplied all our needs by His wonderful grace.
  2. We have traveled very many miles and have had no major medical or vehicle, etc. issues.
  3. It has been encouraging to be around many faithful Christians in some wonderful churches.


  1. for wisdom in day to day operations of the still active Ukraine, etc. ministry.
  2. for Nancy and Tanya - much very important daily admin and other work as we travel.
  3. for daily safety and good decisions regarding our return to Ukraine. There are variables to consider.
  4. for a close walk with God and daily use of his Word.
  5. For consistent Bible reading, study, and application in our busy world.

Ron, Nancy, and Tanya
Contact: 240.432.8925

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