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Ron & Nancy Minton at outreach event in Ukraine
Ron & Nancy Minton at outreach event in Ukraine



From Ron and Nancy Minton in Ukraine

We've had a busy time since our last letter. Life here in Ukraine has been hectic to say the least. If it was not for the help from all the summer people, including our grandson, it would be even harder. We are still having record numbers with the summer English club and we are getting the gospel and biblical info to the children more than ever now. Each time we have a reading with all the children about/from Genesis that is just in Russian (not English) because the message of beginnings is so important. We also divide the class into two groups for an hour or so. Ron is teaching the better students and it is about Jesus - using some good ESL stuff that is available free. And you can modify, etc. as you want. A recent lesson was "Jesus Calls Some Followers." We just canceled two days because the heat was so intense. BTW for a look at the ESL stuff, see

The Bible college is still strong. We just finished our first ever June/July class. It was the "Book of Job." It was a great class taught to us by Eric Simpson, missionary to England. Later we will have our first August class. We are praying that Covid will not be the problem it was for so many last school year. We do expect another record year and we also want to start classes in Estonia.

Praise Items:

  1. We walk daily and are in good health. The doctor even has taken Ron off all meds.
  2. We did get the full $20,000 for a newer van.
  3. We have had many chances to teach and preach lately.
  4. In September we start classes in another new city in Ukraine.

Prayer Items:

  1. Nancy is healthy but having one health issue we will get checked soon.
  2. We are preparing for a partial furlough in 2022.
  3. There are daily struggles and we always seem to be under stress.
  4. The August class is near the war zone.

Thank you so much for helping us win Ukrainians for Christ.

We count you among our dear friends. Pray for Peace in Ukraine.

Хвала Христу, Он спас меня!
Ron and Nancy Minton in Ukriane Ron and Nancy Minton
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