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Ron & Nancy Minton at outreach event in Ukraine
Ron & Nancy Minton at outreach event in Ukraine



Dear friends,

Almost every day we take a walk in our neighborhood and some kids run up to us and hug us and greet us. They ask about the American teachers and Ukrainian translators from the English club we had this summer. The English club was a big success. Uliana made 34 days and we gave her a children's Monopoly game - she was ecstatic as usual :) Like last year, we averaged in the low twenties daily, which is almost as many as we can handle at a time (we had over 60 this year). The gospel and Bible stories were emphasized more this time and we always learn a little more about how to do things better. Some did indicate they were saved, but it is difficult for them to leave the works for salvation mode. We really need someone to be in charge of the growing children ministry opportunities here, including someone to start a teen-girls outreach and discipleship ministry. There are many in this area, and the English club has given us many contacts. Pray that someone, American or Ukrainian, could help in these areas.

We are quite busy each day and can never get all the way caught up on work and admin, etc. Last week we finally updated, finished, and printed the Bible College Student Info project. We have now officially had 2,002 students take at least one class in 13 years. We broke the 2,000 barrier! Another hundred would not/did not register, but we let them study anyway. Also, we have never had a reduction in the number of classes held in any year of our Bible college. September is always very busy with the start of another semester. This year five classes started in September.

September prayer items:

  • Growth in the small Lighthouse Baptist Church group.
  • Sept 6 Ron's PSA test results (in Ukraine) should have arrived as promised.
  • Sept 7 Sasha, our summer Ukrainian helper - marriage.
  • Sept 9 Ron starts teaching a class on NT Backgrounds - everything from the Maccabean Revolt and the Sadducees and Pharisees and why they opposed Jesus to Roman roads and leaders.
  • Sept 14 Marina, a Ukrainian helper whom we have known for 13 years - marriage.
  • Sept 16 Two new classes start - Life of Christ and Dispensations.
  • Sept 25 We start two Biblical counseling seminars.
  • Sept 30 A pastor from Georgetown, TX starts a class on the Epistles of John.

Thank you so much for helping us win Ukrainians for Christ. We count you among our dear friends. Pray for Peace in Ukraine.

Ron and Nancy Minton